New type M-BTG and M-TBG series Gas Burner

3260 MCM-BTG and M-TBG series is the great flexibility in its configuration so that it can be adapted to meet any specific system needs. There are single-stage versions, two-stage, two-stage progressive/modulating pneumatic and two stage progressive/modulating electronic versions. As regards polluting emissions, the M-BTG is class II according to the EN 676 standard. The class III LX version is available with electronic pneumatic regulation. Gas train positioning is also extremely flexible due to the special cuff which means that the gas train cannot only be attached to the left or the right but also above or below! Great care at the design stage has been put into the question of maintenance of the burner, Low NOx and CO emissions (Class II ) LX Version Class III Many different executions Easy installation thanks to gas train positioning Special hinging for easy maintenance Electrical panel with display and IP55 protection rating Very high modulation ratios: ME Version 1:5 Rpm (inverter) regulation version on request: LX PN ME V Modern, distinctive and unique design Rapid electrical connector with 7 + 4 pole plug including: the double-hinged cuff which means that the burner can be opened to the right or to the left, thus ensuring maximum accessibility to the combustion head without having to dismount the burner. Excellent safety, reliability, quiet running, great flame stability and a unique and distinctive design are the result of meticulous planning at each stage also with regard to the appearance of the equipment. The M-BTG and M-TBG series has been designed for use with hot water boilers and air heating generators. The great robustness of the product, which uses no plastic parts, makes it ideal for use in industrial applications that involve steam boilers, hot water and thermal oil heaters.

Post time: May-18-2022
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