Sliding/Modulating Light Oil Burner Technological performance

1.Light oil burner.
2.Two-stage progressive output operation.
3.High pressure mechanical atomisation of fuel using nozzle.
4.Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating
combustion air and blast-pipe.
5.Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the atomisation
unit can be removed without having to remove the burner
from the boiler.
6.Minimum and maximum air flow regulation for first and
second stage by means of electric servomotor with pause
closure of gate to prevent any heat dispersion to flue.
7.The servo motor which fixed with a cam can adjust the
consumption for fuel and air.
8.One flange and one insulating seal for boiler fastening.
9.Combustion air intake with air flow adjustment device.
10.Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt to head protrusion
of the various types of boilers.
11.Adjustable blast-pipe with stainless steel nozzle and
deflector disk in steel.
12.Three-phase electric motor to run fan and pump.
13.Flame presence check by photoresistance.
14.Electrical plant protection rating Ip40.

Post time: Sep-02-2018
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